What Our Customers Say

“It was very easy to deal with. They definitely helped out with everything. And the price was the best around”

Alejandro M.

“You and your staff did everything to help me get what I needed done in a timely manner... Thank you!”

Barbara C.

“The service at The Botson Agencies is very good and I always receive good service there!”

Bonnie H.

“Thank you to the Botson Agencies for taking such good care of me. I love being able to trust you completely.”

Brenda J.

“Recommend to my daughter!”


This is by far the best place that I ever had to work with. Thank you for the hard work you do throughout this hard time we are all going throw. I recommend this insurance to anyone...they will but the time in to help you!! Thank you again.

Chris Sanford

“You took care of my needs for all of my insurances, house, auto and motorcycle as well as problems with one of my previous insurance companies who thought they would try to squeeze some extra dollars out of me by trying to say they weren't notified of my dropping them in time. And you handle all of this with minimal effort on my part at a time when I was going through some major medical issues. Thank-you for making it as stress free as possible for me.”

David H.

“Agents are very clear and professional. Several of our friends have them as agents and I recommend them whenever I get a chance.”


“The Botson Agencies provides fantastic service and cares about their clients.”

Denise M.

““I appreciated the time my agent took to answer all my questions and the explanations were very helpful!””

Diane Adair

“Always friendly full of information and easy to deal with. I enjoy interacting with my agent and feel she answers my questions honestly and thoroughly. I Also have great rates but have never filed a claim so I have yet to learn what that's like. My friend's insurance company (a different one) paid out and raised my friend's rates from an accident that she wasn't even cited for, so I hope to not have that experience myself”

Faith. F

“From day one, my experience has been easy and without any complication. Kym is fantastic and got everything I needed done, anytime, ever so quickly ! I wish I would have switched to the Boston Agency years ago. Compatible prices and the best service I’ve ever experienced with an insurance company ”

Heidi M.

“I love working with Kym Boston at the Botson Agencies, she only contacts me when needed, and if I ever need anything, she is very prompt in helping me out. This office has always been really nice.”

Jamie G.

“Great service from friendly and highly competent people!”

Joachim G.

“Very responsive, easy to work with.”

John M.

“On those rare occasions when I visit the PC office, I have had very positive feelings about the treatment from and the efficiencies of all those I have encountered at the Botson Agencies.”

John R.

“The Botson Agency is very knowledgeable about insurance!”

John W.

“Great job.”

John Z.

“Friendly, very accommodating. Always helpful when I have a problem. I enjoy the friendly visits and conversations when paying my bill. The atmosphere is always festive during the holidays, Kim has decorated her place extremely nice, it always makes you feel welcome.”

Joseph K.

“The Botson Agency is always reliable and helpful. The prices at the agency are great!”

Judith P.

“I feel you guys did you best at getting me the best deals on insurance.”

Katie R.

“Excellent service, great rates!”

Kelly W.

“The Botson Agency provides great service! Thanks Kym!”

Kenneth S.

“I have been very pleased with The Botson Agencies in all aspects!”

Kent K.

“Kym always takes care of my issues and explains everything perfectly!”

Kyle C.

“The Botson Agency provides professional and quick results!”

Kyle S.

“So far so good, I have no complaints. Only good things to say.”


“The Botson Agency is great! I like dealing with the staff. It is a great place to get insurance!”

Larry M.

“At the Botson Agencies, the price of my policy is reasonable and I like everything combined together!”

Larry Z.

“Kym was very helpful in helping me decide what was the right coverage for me and my family. She wasn't all about getting more money from me and I really appreciate that. She was very knowledgeable and explained things to me so that I could understand them. I would highly recommend the Botson Agencies to my friends.”

Laura B.

“Very satisfied.”

Laura S.

“ Whenever I contact The Botson Agency, the interaction is always excellent!”

Leah G.

“The service that I receive at the Botson Agencies cannot get any better!”

Lloyd S.

“The Botson Agencies staff have always been very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. If they are ever unable to answer a question we may have, they always get back to us in a timely manner!”

Lynn U.

“Have had no claims or problems. Kym is friendly and easy to talk to.”

Marie V.

“I have enjoyed working with Kym and her team. They are very professional and courteous and always available to answer any questions I have.”

Michael L.

“The Botson Agencies did an awesome job!”

Paul C.

“Extremely good I am very grateful for your help bad I will never switch companies again I really regret being with Progressive at all”

Rebecca S.

“Very satisfied.”

Rita L.

“Very good!????

Robert F.

“The Botson Agency and Allstate have been good to work with. We have been with Allstate for many years. ”

Samuel L.

“The Botson Agencies is a well respected local agency. They always seem to be sincere and make you as a customer their priority!”

Tammy B.

“Always takes care of our needs. Quick and simple.”

Troy F.

“Always helpful!????????????⭐️”


“Very good experience, always helpful.”

Wesley I.