Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is one of the most flexible types of life insurance available. These policies are referred to as permanent life insurance, that’s because the policy doesn’t expire on a specific date. Keeping the premium paid assures the policy will remain active until the person listed on the policy dies. The main thing that makes this coverage unique is that the policyholder has room to adjust premiums and death benefits.

This policy can also act as a savings account. Before the policy becomes active, you need to discuss what amount of the premiums will go into an investment account. The policy’s cash value can be added to the death benefit, but you can also borrow from the account or reinvest the money back into the market. When you’ve accumulated enough cash from interest, you can use the money to pay the premiums.


You can purchase as much life insurance as you need. The money can be used to cover final expenses, medical costs and more. You can also expand your coverage if you so choose. You will also have to name a beneficiary, who will receive the death benefit once you die. This is a good investment for anyone who has a family that will need financial help once they are gone.