Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is insurance coverage for people who own homes. It’s the perfect way to protect your investment in your home. It provides financial assistance for damage or loss of your home and personal property. It should also provide liability coverage in case someone is injured on your property through your negligence. If you need a mortgage to buy a home, then the lender will probably require you to purchase home insurance.

The insurance will pay following certain risks that are detailed in your policy. However, earthquakes and floods are excluded. You will need to purchase separate policies or add the coverage to your homeowner’s policy.

Your personal property is insured as well, as long as it’s inside the home. This includes things such as furniture, clothes, appliances, and electronics. You will probably want to purchase special coverage for expensive items, such as rare artwork or jewelry.


The liability portion of your coverage is for if anyone is injured on your property. If you’re sued, then your insurance company will help you deal with the situation. If you must pay, then the insurer will pay the amount of any judgment against you up to the amount of your liability limit.

It’s a wise decision to have homeowners insurance. Protecting your property is a smart move.