Boat Insurance

Boat owners should have boat insurance. This coverage provides financial support in the event of damage to your point from an accident or otherwise. It also pays expenses that you would normally have to pay following an accident. Insurance is available for all kinds of boats, including sailboats, power boats, and yachts. The value of your boat affects how much you pay for insurance. Coverage is either based on the price of boat when you purchased it or on its current value.

Standard coverage includes collision damage, which pays for the repair or replacement of your boat. Then there is property damage, which pays for damages to other boats, docks, or buildings caused by your boat. Bodily injury pays for medical bills of people who are injured or killed, as well as lost income, pain and suffering, and legal costs. You can also get comprehensive coverage, which pays for damage to your boat not caused by an accident.

You might need optional coverage for damage and injuries caused by uninsured boaters.


Boating accident are not uncommon. If you own a boat, then it’s in your best interest to have boat insurance.