Special Kids Are Riding Safe

Can The Botson Agencies donate $10 in your name to purchase car seats for children with special needs?

National statistics show that only 2% of car seats are used correctly. Endorsed by the Academy of Pediatrics, Easter Seals Special KARS is a community-based child passenger safety program that helps prevent disabilities and injuries by ensuring that infants and children are transported safely in approved car seats.  Easter Seals provides free car seats to income-eligible qualifying families after completing an education program that focuses on the installation and use of car seats.

Additionally, Special KARS is available to help families with children who cannot be secured in a conventional car seat because of size, injury, or disabilities.  In this instance, specialized free car seats are available to eligible and qualifying low income families. Car seats and restraints are available for children who weigh at least 3 lbs., who have leg or full-body casts, who need additional support for the head or trunk, or who have a high activity level and cannot stay in a conventional seat. 

“Currently, the Easter Seals Special KARS program is need of funding to purchase more specialized car seats for local families in need,” says Kym.

This is where you can help. With a $10 donation in your name we can work together to ensure all children are kept safe!

Join the #AgentsOfChange movement and let’s care for our community, together.

For additional information on car seats or to have your car seat checked, contact Patti at 419-332-3016 or ppowers@eastersealsnoh.com.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

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